Amy Shapiro produced performance and installation art for thirty years, however for the past five years photography has been her primary creative medium. She has shown her photographs at the Davis Orton Gallery, the Vermont Center for Photography and the Midwest Center for Photography. She has received multiple grants from the Burning Man organization, she has a BFA in painting from the School of Visual Arts, and is co-owner of Luxlab.


Night History

Painting in a night photograph with light feels exciting. Using a long exposure time I walk through the image carrying a digital light source which places my chosen image into the photograph. The images which I paint in the work are of myself either from my career as a performance artist or from my childhood. I then stand in the dark anticipating seeing each shot. As the shoot evolves I adjust my placement of the light painting in the image, the speed or pattern which I move through the image while painting, or perhaps the settings on my digital light tool to push to art in the direction I’ve envisioned. How my body moves effects the image, the terrain, and outside light sources such as cars, airplanes, streetlights, the stars and the moon.

Night Messages

Night Messages is a photographic series taken at night with words written in the images that are made by painting with light during a long exposure time. Pairing quotes with photographs of public spaces is an intersection of painting, public art and photography.

The relationship between the images and quotes is not literal and so it is left to the viewer to make the connection between these two elements. This gives every viewer the opportunity to have a unique narrative experience.

There is a rich history in art of the insertion of words in public spaces. Night Messages is the next step taken from the work of Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger and countless graffiti artists.


Welcome to New York 1985 - 2005

Amy Shapiro released the photo series Welcome to New York 1985 - 2005 in 2016. It is the story of the artists, the neighborhoods and the unique time period in which they worked. 


Medical Panoramas

Amy Shapiro released the photo series Medical Panoramas in 2014 in which she used photography as a way to empower herself when she felt vulnerable undergoing cancer treatment.